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-type config_changes() :: {[{option(), value()}], [{option(), value()}], [option()]}.
-type listeners() :: [{inet:ip_address(), inet:port_number(), transport()}].
-type modules() :: [module()].
-type option() :: atom().
-type state() :: #eturnal_state{}.
-type transport() :: udp | tcp | tls | auto.
-type value() :: term().

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-spec abort(term()) -> no_return().
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code_change(OldVsn, State, Extra)

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-spec code_change({down, term()} | term(), state(), term()) -> {ok, state()}.
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-spec create_self_signed(file:filename_all()) -> ok.
-spec get_opt(option()) -> value().
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get_password(Username, Realm)

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-spec get_password(binary(), binary()) -> binary() | [binary()] | {expired, binary() | [binary()]}.
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handle_call(Request, From, State)

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-spec handle_call(reload | get_info | get_version | get_loglevel |
            {set_loglevel, eturnal_logger:level()} |
            {get_password, binary()} |
            {pid(), term()},
            state()) ->
               {reply, ok | {ok, term()} | {error, term()}, state()}.
-spec handle_cast({config_change, config_changes(), fun(() -> ok), fun(() -> ok)} | term(), state()) ->
               {noreply, state()}.
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handle_info(Info, State)

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-spec handle_info(term(), state()) -> {noreply, state()}.
-spec init(any()) -> {ok, state()}.
-spec run_hook(eturnal_module:event(), eturnal_module:info()) -> ok.
-spec start() -> ok | {error, term()}.
-spec start_link() -> {ok, pid()} | ignore | {error, term()}.
-spec stop() -> ok | {error, term()}.
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terminate(Reason, State)

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-spec terminate(normal | shutdown | {shutdown, term()} | term(), state()) -> ok.