View Source Quick Test of eturnal

On Linux/x64 systems, the following commands provide STUN/TURN services on UDP/TCP port 3478 (on Linux/arm64 systems, replace x64 with arm64):

curl | tar -xzf -
eturnal/bin/eturnalctl foreground

The service can be stopped with Ctrl+c and deleted by removing the eturnal directory.

TURN Setup

  • If the system's public IP address cannot be autodetected, it must be specified as relay_ipv4_addr in eturnal/etc/eturnal.yml.
  • The UDP port range 49152-65535 must be accessible in addition to port 3478.
  • Use eturnal/bin/eturnalctl credentials (in another shell) to retrieve a temporary username/password.
  • Those credentials are invalidated on eturnal restart unless a secret was specified in eturnal/etc/eturnal.yml before generating them.