eturnal TURN Server

eturnal is a clean, scalable STUN and TURN server for Unix-like operating systems and Microsoft Windows. Clients can connect using UDP, TCP, or TLS over IPv4 or IPv6. For authentication, eturnal supports the mechanism described in the REST API for Access to TURN Services specification. See the blog article on the initial release for a quick introduction.

eturnal is freely available as Open Source software and straightforward to set up.

Supported Internet Standards


Source code and Linux binary archives can be retrieved from the download area or using a package repository. Docker images are published on GitHub. For Windows, an installer is available.


The README file shipped with eturnal provides quick setup instructions. For details, see the reference documentation. Notable changes between eturnal releases are listed in the change log. For a road map, see the milestones. There’s also a high level description of the STUN and TURN protocols.


The source code repository for eturnal is publicly available. For a quick overview, see the API documentation, which includes information for module developers. It might also be helpful to look at the supervision tree of the stun library used by eturnal. The results of continuous integration tests can be viewed as well, including test suite logs and coverage analysis.


Please use our issue tracker for bug reports, feature requests, and usage questions. If you happen to be using XMPP, you could also join our public channel If you need commercial support, please contact ProcessOne.